Rash Decision

Rash Decision

Hardcore / Thrash

Rash Decision are a fast and frantic hardcore punk thrash crossover band from Cornwall.


FFO of Iron Reagan/Zeke/Assholeparade/Municipal Waste/MDC/DRI/crumbsuckers/Cro-Mags


Rash Decision have been a band for 14 years, played 600 + gigs in 14 countries (Europe, scandinavia, baltics) and put out 9 releases including a Split with 80s US skate punk legends JFA and been involved with 12 DIY labels from the UK including Pumpkin Records, TNS, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records, and more.


Played with the spirit of punk, the passion of hardcore and the precision of thrash, the band deliver tightly-knit chaos to their audiences with a triple-vocal attack, showcasing a new and exciting sound into a genre that is at times guilty of relying on familiar ground. Rooted firmly in the underground and DIY scenes, the band’s family stretches and grows across the UK and Europe, from squats to established venues and festivals. Come get your head blown off and find your new favourite band.
Photo Credit – Jimbob Taylor