0161 Festival Glasgow: Anti-fascists gather in Glasgow to celebrate and organise

Anti-fascists from across Britain and Ireland came together in Glasgow over the weekend for 0161 Festival Glasgow. The festival began on Friday, with locals showing incoming festival goers from Manchester around the city before going to The 13th Note in the city centre for the first night of music. Short speeches we’re also given by several guests, including trade union activist and Socialist boxing club organiser G.C., on the importance of things like community gyms to anti-fascist organising.

Bands smashed it throughout the weekend with Frenetix, NULL, Death Bed, Intrusive Thought, Cutty’s Gym, Cartilage, Brain Anguish, Overwhelmed, Bratakus, DROVES, Skinlover, MethxCamp all absolutely flattening the 13th Note with wild live shows.

Saturday’s events started with anti-fascists travelling just out of Glasgow to Coatbridge to participate in a march to commemorate all those who have fallen in the struggle against fascism and imperialism. From there, all headed back to The 13th Note for the second night of music and speeches from anti-fascists and local activists.

Sunday began with a walking tour of Glasgow celebrating the centenary year or Red Clydeside. Meeting at the statue of La Pasionaria, people met to discuss the radical history and legacy of the time.

0161‘s first festival in Scotland has been a massive success, and has demonstrated the unity and strength that our movement still possesses, despite the challenging political era we are in. People came together from all over the country, and even further, to celebrate and reaffirm our commitment to the causes of anti-fascism, anti-imperialism and working class unity.

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