0161 Festival New Years Message

The 0161 Festival collective thank you all for your ongoing support, we extend to all supporters, friends and comrades a happy new year.

Throughout 2020, working class communities have faced disproportionate levels of hardship. Right wing groups sought to capitalise on the hardship within working class communities.

Antifascists organised within working class communities, to eradicate any foothold the right wing thought they could achieve.

0161 Festival, has sister groups organising in London and Glasgow. We have collaborated to bring events and activities to working class communities, to advance an anti capitalist message. To advance to cause of the working class, to remove the structures that create and maintain inequality.

Marx advised that “only in community with others has each individual the means of cultivating his gifts in all directions; only in the community, therefore, is personal freedom possible.” With this in mind we have moved to set in place a process of revolutionising communities, who feel empowered to use battle slogans, in order to present this new sense of freedom and equality.

Over the decades, we have witnessed the will of the capitalist to take as much as possible from our communities. Throughout 2020 working class communities faced draconian legislation, creating unemployment and greater use of food banks. The British Government called on working class communities to “grass” on each other.

Working class communities rejected the call to “grass” on each other and responded with a spirit of resistance and unity, by supporting each other. There is no other definition of socialism valid for us than that of the abolition of the exploitation of man by man. Let us be clear we have served notice on the capitalist system.

As we move into 2021, 0161 Festival will continue to promote activities such as music, art, sport, football, martial arts, tours, seminars, education, talks, Antifascism, with a view to building a healthy, empowered base within our working class communities.

0161 Festival send solidarity to the revolutionary actions of all those engaged in anti imperialist struggles. We confirm those who have fallen are never forgotten, as they rest in power.

We salute all Anti imperialist and Antifascist, political prisoners. We will continue to provide welfare assistance to those incarcerated for political activity and to their families.

National and international unity of the Antifacist movement has proved to be a force that could not be stopped nor removed from the streets. The theatre of engagement has been determined by Antifascists, such a position allows for flying columns to operate at will.

See you all throughout 2021.

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