0161 London Volunteers

Nothing but love and support for our friends at Streets Kitchen. Over the past month 0161 volunteers in Camden have been helping to deliver hundreds, out of tens of thousands of meals prepared by Streets Kitchen to people in temporary accommodation across the borough. The government has attempted to clear the thousands of people and families made homeless in London off the streets into hostels and asked them to self isolate but has provided them with no food or provisions. Streets Kitchen volunteers have been preparing and providing cooked meals and care packages to people billeted in hostels across London. For many people in these hostels the daily meals provided by Streets Kitchen have been their only nourishment. Their committed volunteers have also been maintaining their evening outreach Street Kitchen, providing hot meals to those in need on a nightly basis. Huge thanks and respect to the Streets Kitchen volunteers who have been working tirelessly to provide people of London with a basic need and right that the government has failed to.



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