About Us

0161 Festival is an anti-fascist benefit festival run in Manchester, United Kingdom. It was set up to raise money for anti-fascist and anti-racist activities both throughout the U.K. and abroad. We want to show that regardless of where you come from, or what you are into, that we are all united under the anti-fascist banner. The festival itself has gone from a three day music festival to a ten day festival encompassing sports tournaments, art exhibitions, gigs, talks, walks, seminars and more in venues across Greater Manchester. As well as running a wide variety of events across Manchester, London and Glasgow throughout the year.

It’s really important to us that we continue having the festival and we are growing every year, and bringing in more and more people. We are community based and link up as much as we can with local youth throughout the year. The aim of the festival, since the start has been to bring people from the community and further afield to join together in the fight against racism and fascism wherever it rears it’s ugly head. To all stand together. 

0161 Festival Manifesto

1. Practical and principled opposition to fascism and imperialism.
2. The building and maintenance of working class culture and community through art, music, sport and media. 
3. Raising money for antifascist prisoners worldwide.