AFA + Irish Republicanism

161 Crew MCR, recall that in 1995 Anti Fascist Action (AFA) enthusiastically espouses the use of violence, it also set out links with working class communities of the Irish Republican Movement, and stated that members operated primarily within guerrilla structures often referred to as ‘squads’.

Militant Direct Action – AFA was formed by militant activist, who formed squads and took direct militant action against fascist scum, at meetings, homes, workplaces and the streets.

Over the years AFA have proved that the fascists can be kicked off the streets and kept off by physical and ideological confrontation.

Common Purpose – Manchester AFA advocated support for Irish Republicanism. The cross over and cohesion between them appear to have evolved into a single group acting with a common purpose, to smash fascism at their pubs and socials.

Guerrilla Tactics Information suggest the success was in part credited to the guerrilla tactics, by flying columns of squads. Those involved did so, not for glory, back slapping or recognition, they did so as it was and remains to be a social duty.

It appears anonymity was a key element of success.

Egos brings compromise. Considering we are in the era of social media, putting matters on line appears to be counter productive and counter revolutionary. It can be suggested that those seeking to have their egos fed by online status have no place in militant 161.

Public records suggest to have the ego feeder within the ranks creates a security issue for others, put them out!

Organising within a world of CCTV and Social Media requires 161 Squads and them alone to choose the theatre of engagement.

From the 1990 to 2019, militant AFA 161 in Manchester, have and continue to have links to the Irish Republican Movement, it is hoped this working class solidarity will continue.

PRO 161 Crew MCR

NB: 0161festival.com is a platform for sharing a variety of articles about sports, arts, politics, history and Manchester. This article was sent in and written by a local Manc antifascist on the back of one of our recent podcasts.

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