Animo Patxi! Herria Zurekin!

Statement from 0161 Festival Cooperative.

We condemn the Spanish Authority for the treatment of Basque Prisoners, who have entered into a hunger strike.

Patxi Ruiz

Patxi Ruiz Basque political prisoner has begun a hunger strike and thirst in prison. He is suffering from harassment by the prison officers and decided was enough. Patxi had an wound that required treatment as such he demanded to be transferred to the infirmary for treatment.

Whilst we welcome the medical treatment, we are concerned to hear that appropriate care was not forthcoming in terms of analgesia to assist with pain management, this was refused.

Whilst Patxi, was being treated for the wounds, there was no privacy and prison officers repeatedly demanded he shout out his prison number. It is understood that the treating clinician told the prison guards to “Take this shit out of here.” We must remind the health care profession of their duties as set out by their governing body.

We denounce the threats directed by the Murcia II prison Directorate against the Basque political prisoners in particularly Patxi Ruíz.

We have witnessed the Spanish state oppress the people on the streets by suspending political and social rights, it is now clear that, the very same oppressive practice is even more palpable in prisons.

Since the 5th May several prisoners have embarked on a prison protest.

Their claims are as follows:

1. Freedom of the sick prisoners and those who have almost completed their sentences. 2. To be able to make the visits.

3. Receive material to avoid being infected (masks, gloves …).

4. Carrying out of Covid-19 test to prisoners and jailers.

5. In the event of the death of a family member, the possibility of going to the funeral or funeral home.

Local town demonstration in favour of Patxi Ruiz

The prisoners have accepted the position they find themselves. But the prison staff appear intent on escalating tensions with Basques.

As a direct a result of the oppressive treatment of Basque political prisoners within the jail, and the targeting of Patxi, they had little option but to embark upon a hunger and thirst strike.

We are clear where the oppressive instructions are issued from. We remind the director of the prison and the Government of Spain they will be held are responsible for anything that may happen to Patxi and the other Basques prisoners.

Pro Patxi and anti-PSOE graffiti

When the state attacks a political prisoner, they are attacking all of the working class. Amnistia is not just Patxi, it is everyone, the collective of the working class. He is fighting for a society free of oppression and domination.

The Basque prisoners are not alone, we will not sit idly by and do nothing.

Argentinian people in solidarity with the Basque population

Freedom for all Basque political prisoners.

0161 Festival Cooperative

Show your #solidarity Patxi Ruiz Romero CP Murcia II Paraje Los Charcos.30191 Campos del Río,Spain Murcia

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