Announcement on Pat Finucane yet another blow to historical inquiries

The British government yesterday served yet another blow to the families of those who are seeking justice from  historical inquiries after it was announced that there would not be a formal inquiry into the murder of 39 year old defence solicitor Pat Finucane is just one of the many British state sponsored often referred to as extra judicial  killings

In February 1989, Pat Finucane was fatally murdered by the Ulster Defence Association, after two gunmen broke into his home and shot him 14 times as he sat eating a meal with his family, this also resulted in his wife also being shot and injured. 

At the time of Pat Finucanes murder, there was dozens of other extra judicial murders on behalf of the British state, taking place across the occupied North of Ireland, gangs such as the Glenanne gang who would indiscriminately open fire into pubs and homes of innocent catholics who  met  and socialised in their communities. 

It is widely accepted that British state and Loyalist paramilitaries were and remain to be colluding in preparation and execution of “alleged” IRA members and people going about their day to day businesses  

Members of the British Army which included the Ulster Defence Regiment alongside Royal Ulster Constabulary would selected individuals, pass information and “intelgence’ provide weapons and often take part in the extra judicial murders of catholics with loyalist death squads. 

The  British state sent its occupation forces into the offices of a journalist and a film maker as they released the documentary “No Stone Unturned” which focused specifically of the collusion of loyalist death squads and the British State 

British ancillary forces in the occupied six counties alleged that sensitive documents were stolen in order for the film to made despite the pair stating that the documents were anonymously sent to them. British interference in a free press  once again provides further proof that British occupation of Ireland remains an unsettled matter. 

Yesterday’s announcement was met with frustration and anger as the British Government had given up a promise to the Finucane family after multiple examinations had found that there was in fact British state collusion in the murder of Pat  Finucane.

In a statement yesterday the British Government released a statement indicating its intention to continue its occupation, bu setting out its ancillary occupation force, the PSNI will continue to investigate.

Thr people of Ireland are being asked to accept that a British Occupation force will investigate the British State…

In response John  Finucane said,

“What the British state have proposed to us today is nothing short of insulting, the British government at every opportunity will continue to make the wrong decision and will put all of their efforts into ensuring that the truth into what the murder of my father, the full truth, will not see the light of day.” 

What has been witnessed today is that the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday Agreement) an internal settlement continues to fail. It fails because the British Government continues its occupation of Ireland.

Whilst Britain continues to occupy Ireland, there can not be justice for the people of Ireland.  The British government must issue a declaration of its intent to withdraw its occupation forces without delay.

Britain must then surrender itself to an international court, at The Hague where a transparent impartial trial can be heard. The very essence of what Pat Finucane represented impartiality, truth and justice, will echo around Ireland.

One thing is sure the ongoing occupation of Ireland by the British Government can never deliver peace or justice.

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