Antifascist – Martin Lux

Well this is a book I revisit every so often a classic some may say.

It starts in the late 60s with our hero full of hedonistic fervour and a great dislike for middle England authority and right wing politics and even more hate for a growing street presence of fascism on the streets of London.

His introduction to anti fascism started the place known as speakers corner Hyde park where anyone was free to set up shop and spew their vile political agendas to an eager to listen to the public.

As you can imagine often or not this ended in violence of which our protagonist was always up for. The book takes you through the battles with Mosley’s various incarnations, also his battles with an early version of the BNP and then the National Front until its electoral hammering in the 79 elections which split them from a party on the up of squabbling factions.

This is a small but incisive book that keeps your attention and gives a great picture of our for bearers and the battles they fought and lost.

It’s written with humour and pathos, a great read available from most Alternative bookshops if you get a chance give it a go you won’t be disappointed!

Husker Durruti

You can purchase it here – Anti-Fascist by Martin Lux (activedistributionshop.org)

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