Skittles + His Orchestra

Skittles + His Orchestra

Rap / Hip-Hop

Manchesters finest. Joining him will be a full orchestra to play his songs, as seen performing recently at MIF! A real special event and only the second time to be performed live.


Reviews of his recent album …


“Overall, ‘Poor on Purpose’ is a great album showcasing one of Manchester’s most talented emcees. Throughout the album, his viewpoint of Manchester is a sense of a grim reality to growing up in South Manchester. However, he’s proud of the city and what it’s made him. It’s an ‘us against the world mentality’ and he wouldn’t have it any other way.”


“Poor On Purpose draws heavily on the diverse rhythms that keep Manchester moving. And with that, it’s an album that captures the influences of city’s sounds and its stories from streets. Offering a beautiful, but brutal slice of surviving, striving and skiving in modern day Manchester. Delivered by someone whose drive, determination but don’t take-yourself-too-seriously attitude embodies the city.”