Riot Grrrl Punk

GENN is a musical riot, ready to rock your ears and mess with your brain. They’re serving alternative
madness with a quirky twist and a punk attitude, fresh out of their DIY framework, as they gear up to take
over the world from their Maltese roots.

They have been shaking audiences to the core with their infectious tunes, and with the honest,
relatable themes they attack in their tracks. Their sing-along hooks, melodic bass lines and punchy guitar
lines have left everyone wanting more from these riot grrls-next-door.

And give us more they most definitely did. After releasing their debut album ‘Titty Monster’ in 2018, the
ladies performed across Europe and the UK, and were featured on KEXP, DIVA Magazine,
Europavox, Tom Tom Magazine, and Louder Than War, amongst others.

‘These girls most certainly mean business with their attitude ridden, energetic drive and uncompromising
approach. Riot Grrrl’s give us what you got!!’ (Louder than War)

This fierce group promises to keep strutting their stuff, and showing us what they’re packing over the
coming years. So hold on tight, because the ride has just begun.