Coronavirus Update – Covert Officials

Council spies out of our communities

Covert officials (not even police) will be used to spy on the most private of private interactions,. Covid enforcement officers are being hired by councils which are granting spy powers to allow them to catch suspected rule-breakers in the act.

The officers can conduct operations ‘covertly or overtly’ to ensure people are abiding by Government restrictions – such as the 10pm curfew and rule of six, and the stricter ones coming into place from Thursday – aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus.

They can take part in plainclothes operations and use body-worn cameras and other kit to gather evidence against suspected rule flouters.

Local Authorities must focus resources on supporting people.

When children are going hungry, when parents are going hungry ,when people are losing their jobs and homes, local Councils must focus their resources on supporting people affected by the Tory mismanagement of this COVID crisis not treating them like potential criminals.

Spying on communities is the worst approach local authorities can take.

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