Covid Legislation and Update – Part 10

Since April 2020, we, the people have been subjected to the political whim of a handful of self centred politicians, within the ranks of the Conservative party.

COVID and Unlawful Police Actions.
The people have been forced to accept “new laws” that have been confusing, resulting in working class families facing fines starting at £100, doubling each time. Our right to freedom of movement was unlawfully infringed by police forces, who sought to enforce guidance as LAW. Some police forces went further, by issuing fines to working class families for playing in their front gardens.

Government uses COVID to break working class cohesion.
The Government called on working class communities to “grass” on each other. In a blatant attempt to turn the working class on each other, to break down the cohesion within our communities.

The People save the people.
Our communities came together to fight COVID, we protected the needy in our communities, we offered food to neighbours, we circulated keys aspects of the ‘regulations” to ensure, our communities remained informed.

Parliament uses COVID to abandon working class.
In recent months, it became clear that our elected members of parliament had been denied the right to debate and create COVID regulations. The Labour Party did little to nothing to hold the Conservative government to account. Shame on The Labour Party, for abandoning the rights of our working class communities, in favour of the the advancement of a police state.

COVID – The new Regulations in full –
The Government have repealed ALL previous COVID regulations and have issued a three tier system of regulations.

The new regulations are fully explore in the link below –


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