Covid19 Legislation and Update (Part 6)

GOOD NEWS: At last the British Government is being challenged on the legality of the “lockdown”. ‘Letter Before Action’ link below.

Those who have followed 0161 Covid Updates, will know that there has and continues to be concern about the legality and interpretation of the (parent) law and subsequent actions by the British Government.

The challenge appears to rest on three main points:

First, that the lockdown is “ultra vires” – outside of legal authority – because it implemented regulations under the Public Health Act 1984 instead of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 or the emergency Coronavirus Act 2020.

Second, that the government reimposed the lockdown on a “disproportionate” basis in law, using an “over-rigid” test regarding its effect on containing the disease but not its impact on the economy, jobs and wider health.

Third, that it breached the European convention on human rights covering the right to liberty, family life, education and property.


NB: We urge people to stay safe, stay home when possible and social distance when out. We must not let the government get away with crushing our liberties in the process.

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