Covid19 Legislation update in the North Part 2

Last week, The Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, announced measures placing restrictions of areas in North West England. Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

However as covered by 0161 here ( https://0161festival.com/covid19-legislation-update-in-the-north/ ) The was no basis in law to enforce the restriction in Greater Manchester.

We observed the press and elected careerist rushing to remove our fundamental rights. Giving media interviews one after an other, peddling miss-information and advancing that restrictions in Greater Manchester came in to legal effect on the 30 July 2020.

The people can not place any trust or confidence in those elected politicians who rushed to remove our rights, without first checking if there was any lawful authority to do so. Those who acted in such a way, could be described as self serving parasitic maggots, standing in their ivory towers, seeking to reduce our freedoms. They called upon the apparatus of the state to enforce their wishes, but they had no, legal authority to do so.

Having considered the new restrictions, here are the key areas for our communities to adhere to and promote. (There is a link at the bottom of the article for the full regulations)

The political establishment seek on to secure their own interest and the cost of the the people, we the working class, WE THE PEOPLE, SAVE THE PEOPLE.

Here, are The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions on Gatherings) (North of England) Regulations 2020

They came into force tomorrow 5th August 2020, and do not (cannot) apply to anything which happened before that.

Where do they apply?

This is the list, which is subject to changes by ‘direction’ of the Secretary of State.

Not just Greater Manchester, it covers:

(a) in Greater Manchester: City of Manchester, Trafford, Stockport, Oldham, Bury, Wigan, Bolton, Tameside, Rochdale, Salford;
(b) in Lancashire: Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle and Rossendale;
(c) in West Yorkshire: Calderdale and Kirklees.

So what do these regulations prohibit?

Well, it’s back to the lockdown as it was in the whole of England from 12 June to 3 July, i.e.:

❌ No private gatherings of more than 2 people unless from the same household or part of a ‘linked household’ or for a limited list of reason.

We have seen “linked households” before in the England regulations, though they have been taken out for now, so here they are again.

Essentially, one-adult or one-adult-plus-child/children household can ‘link’ with any other household and hold gatherings with them.

And I’m afraid to say, under the restrictions for those in the North of England, that sex is now banned again.

Unless it falls within one of the limited number of exceptions (linked household, same household, work, education and training, emergency assistance etc – you fill in your own jokes).

Link to the The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions on Gatherings) (North of England) Regulations 2020


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