Covid19 Legislation Update In The North Part 3

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions on Gatherings) (North of England) Regulations 2020 have been ratified into law. This allows the police to enforce them.

This news seems to have caused a degree of arousal within Greater Manchester Police, namely Deputy Chief Constable Ian Pilling, who was so stimulated he felt the orgasmic urge to go on record with a local rag, the M.E.N.

It’s seems that in the orgasmic moment, Pilling declared…”enough is enough.”…and…”we have been fair with people,”

Pilling goes on to say, GMP said throughout the pandemic, “the force has taken an ‘engagement first’ approach – talking to residents and communities and explaining the guidance.”

What guidance are GMP referring to?

Is the the College of Policing Guidance issued on the 1April 2020?

Having looked for a legal authority that would allow the above guidance, to be enforceable in law, some people will be very surprised to read that the search was in vain?

Pilling says, “we (GMP) have been fair with people”. Perhaps incident on the 10 April 2020, in South Manchester demonstrates that ‘ fairness’?

GMP go further to say “the new legislation includes additional restrictions and allows us to issue fixed penalty notices…”

Having consulted the original regulations (The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 ) it appears to had far reaching restrictions on every day life, more so than The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions on Gatherings) (North of England) Regulations 2020

The the original Regulations also gave the police powers to issue fixed penalty notices.

Given the somewhat bizarre comments from GMP, how can the community place and trust in the police when a senior officer appears to make comments that are inconsistent with the actions of police on the ground, refer to new powers that already existed and reviews the actions of officers in our communities as ‘being fair’.

For an overview of your rights and restrictions under the Regulations affecting Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire see our last article, here https://0161festival.com/covid19-legislation-update-in-the-north-part-2/

Follow the regulations, stay safe, stay healthy build a better environment for our communities.

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