Eddie Dempsey wins RMT Assistant General Secretary

Eddie Dempsey has won the election to become the Rail, Maritime and Transport union’s Assistant General Secretary.

In what can only be seen as a step forward for the trade union movement in Britain, Eddie has a proud history of working class politics, including an unflinching commitment to street level anti-fascism and anti-imperialism. Even when under a sustained media barrage from the Labour right, he stuck to his principles. Eddie defended a radical opposition to EU imperialism and argued a vital point for modern anti-fascism; ‘fascist’ is not a word for the liberal commentariat to throw around at will, and anti-fascism is not a tool for sectarian attacks.

Eddie’s victory in the RMT signals a victory for radical trade unionism and a grass-roots, class-oriented decision by RMT members. Both Eddie as a trade unionist and the RMT as an organisation represent some of the most radical sections of the organised working class. As part of the RMT leadership, Eddie is well positioned to bring his track record to bear in reforming the political landscape of British trade unionism.

Congratulations to Eddie, and hope that his victory signals a shift towards bigger and better things for trade unionism in Britain.

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