Electoral politics has failed the working class – now is the time for unity

In the wake of the defeat of Corbyn’s Labour, the workers’ movement cannot afford to slow down.

The Tory victory will see the right wing in this country emboldened like never before. We must be ready to combat this in any and every way. The Tories are going to try and decimate our communities, and the answer to that is unity and organisation. If this doesn’t make you realise that now is the time to fight for our class, nothing will.

Working class organisation is the key to beating the Tories and protecting our communities

This election has proved that the capitalist class will never give socialism a fair shot. The media, the state and the establishment in this country has pulled out all the stops to kill corbynism before it got to power, and they have succeeded. But this does not mean that we can never have a fair society, it just means that we have to fight for it! No government in a capitalist society will ever deliver a fair society for the working class. It wouldn’t be possible. As we’ve seen, the powerful in our country will stop at nothing to make sure that it never happens. We must create the society we wish to see, not wait for it to be created for us!

Photo from recent anti Conservative protest in Manchester.

0161 urges all labour activists, and anyone who is disappointed by this result to take all the energy they had before the election and organise your communities. Wether that’s joining political organisations, community groups or unions, we must not let the momentum that Corbyn inspired be lost. We have very little to lose, and a whole world to gain.

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