Manchester has a huge variety of cheap hotels and hostels, we recommend trying these; Luther King House, Lansdowne Hotel, Hatters Hostel, Youth Hostel Association Manchester, Rams Lodge, Chancellors Hotel, Ibis Budget, The Willowbank Hotel. Also using airbnb is a really good way of getting cheap accommodation for a group of you! Many hotels will offer cheap bookings for larger groups as well.

Your ticket will be arriving around a month before the event in 2019 with a brochure included showing what will be happening during the festival. Do not worry! 

You can get them online here – as well as in person at these places; Rockers England (Manchester), Jumbo Records (Leeds), Fire and Flames (Kiel), Trojan Tattoo (Bilbao) 

If you have any other concerns or questions that haven’t been answered here please e-mail us at info@0161festival.com