Manchester has a huge variety of cheap hotels and hostels across the city, we recommend trying these; 247 Hotel Oldham, Lansdowne Hotel, Hatters Hostel, Youth Hostel Association Manchester, Rams Lodge, Chancellors Hotel, Ibis Budget, The Willowbank Hotel. Also using airbnb is a really good way of getting cheap accommodation for a group of you! Many hotels will offer cheap bookings for larger groups as well.

Tickets for all events throughout 0161 2020 will be sent out around a month before the festival begins. If you are having any issues please email us. 

In the case that your ticket does not arrive or you order it close to the event you can bring an email receipt to the door of any event and we can sort it out there.

You can get them online here – as well as in person at these places; Rockers England (Manchester), Jumbo Records (Leeds), Fire and Flames (Kiel), Trojan Tattoo (Bilbao) 

Please read before purchasing a ticket for events promoted and or run and or managed by 0161 Festival (Including 0161 London and 0161 Glasgow) will not provide refunds under any circumstances. 0161 Festival (including 0161 London and 0161 Glasgow) are not for profit organisations. All funds go to supporting Antifascist causes around the world. Thank you in anticipation of purchasing your ticket/s and we look forward to seeking you at our events. For and on behalf of 0161 Festival (including 0161 London and 0161 Glasgow)

If you have any other concerns or questions that haven’t been answered here please e-mail us at info@0161festival.com