Fat White Family at EartH December 4th – The Most Electrifying Frontman Of His Generation

Fat White Family at EartH December 4th – The Most Electrifying Frontman Of His Generation

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As I arrived at EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) in Dalston to see Fat White Family, I was partially expecting the insane, noisey, raucous show I had seen the South Londoners play in the past, and part nervous that after doing shows at the venue the previous 2 nights (and with a 4th to come the day after) that they may be burnt out by their ambitious schedule. My concerns were alleviated instantly.

Lias Saoudi, lead singer, walked onto the stage with such swagger, everyone in the crowd lit up and became immediately ensnared, as they blasted their opening track “Auto Neutron”. Lias marched and danced about the stage, totally in control of the room, he took regular trips into the crowd to be swarmed by his transfixed fanbase. The band, singing the chorus in unison with the crowd were as tight as I had ever heard them. 

The band fired through their highlight reel of loud, crowd friendly tracks as the venue became out of control in the best possible way. With Lias conducting the madness below, oldies like “Tinfoil Deathstar” and tracks from their latest like “Fridge Runner” got an equally enthusiastic response as the Fat Whites pumped out showstoppers. 

A brief but well placed lul in the performance came around half way, the band took some respite whilst guitarist/singer Saul Adamczewski , accompanied by flute, played a harrowing rendition of “The Drones” followed by “Goodbye Goebells” which the band returned for the crescendo. 

As the second half began, the set list slowly ramped up with “When I Leave” and was back to a riot like state by the time “I Believe In Something Better” was played. Saving the liveliest until last, the show ended with “Is it Raining In Your Mouth” with punters jumping and singing along with the band and Lias regularly stage diving, the show ended on a euphoric high. 

After their infamous 2016 performance at Brixton Academy, I didn’t expect to see a show as immersive, crazy and thrilling again, yet last night rivalled it in a big way. Fat White Family are for me, the most interesting, creative and all round “cool” band of the last ten years and Lias, proving again, to be the most electrifying frontman of his generation. 

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