Fat White Family Explosive New Single

South London’s premier gritty psych rock-cum-disco outfit Fat White Family are back with single “Tastes Good With The Money” with a special feature from Baxter Drury (son of Ian) and its accompanying music video.

The 2nd release from their upcoming album “Serfs Up”, the Fat Whites have delivered yet again, with its swaggering disco rhythms, fuzzy guitar licks and new wave synth blasts, lead vocalist Lias rages against the middle classes, notions of empire and London’s snooty West End.

Melodic sax solos and chanting vocals tie the track together and crescendo into a psychedelic explosion towards the end, much like the previous single “Feet”. Its apparent that during their hiatus, when Lias Saoudi worked on The Moonlandingz and Saul Adams his Insecure Men project, both became even more submersed in funk, disco and lounge music, now bringing these elements to the forefront for their 3rd and most eagerly awaited album.

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