Irish Republican Volunteers set out details of attack

According to Republic Media, a statement had been sent to them referring to actions taken by Irish republican volunteers in the Wattlebridge Road, near Newtownbutler, Co. Fermanagh against British Crown Force helicopter in January 2021.

The statement continued giving details of the operation: “Volunteers armed with two semi-automatic assault rifles fired 9 rounds from inside an armoured vehicle at a police helicopter. Going into particulars of their intended target the statement sets out :

“Without hesitation the volunteers attacked the helicopter as it was flying at a low altitude hitting the chopper a number of times making the aircraft take an evasive manoeuvre in the sky.

On returning to base after the attack the volunteers were debriefed and stated quite clearly that they had engaged with a black and yellow PSNI helicopter with the view of shooting it down”.

(Source Republic Media 23.02.21)

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