Kick them out (Newtown Neurotics a history) Review

What can i say about this band that hasn’t been said already? They are as relevant now as they ever were. With a corrupt Tory government that is worse than the 80s when we were under the Thatcherite jack boot!

With the Classic kick out the Tories 7″ released in 1983 this was a call to arms and a heartfelt working class anthem. Also my personal favourite ‘Mindless violence’ a song which rips into the mindless gang violence of the time. This tune was later reworked with Attila the Stockbroker and Andy is taking a swipe at corporations and the thick Nazi boneheads of the 80s (still around unfortunately).

This is an LP that has so many classics such as Hypocrite, When the oil runs out, Licensing hours and You said No but to name check a few. The sad thing to say this is an LP as relevant now as it was then 30 odd years ago.

But the message rings true now as it did then. Lets KICK OUT THE TORIES! check this one out its a classic slab of punk rock at its very finest.

Written by Husker Durruti

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