May Day saw State Violence used against working class communities

Working class communities in Manchester came together over the May Bank Holiday to express the increasing concern at the states increasing embrace of fascism. 

On Saturday progressive social movements unified to once again express the concern at the governments authoritarian and draconian drive towards a police state. 

The Policing and Crime Bill, aims to remove fundamental human rights and hand our rights to the police. 

This bill is the latest in this tory governments legislative programme, that has seen working class communities disproportionately targeted with over zealous policing. 

Such is the concern that Manchester has evoked the spirit of Peterloo and set about a campaign of protest to “Kill The Bill”. 

The response by Greater Manchester Police has been well documented,  a group of Police Support Unit in a van, responded to a person shaking thier head by getting out of the van and one officer placing his hands on the next and throttling the person. 

The police have beat protesters from the tram lines, the actions of arresting officers resulted in a person being paraded half naked across St Peters Square and down Oxford Rd to a police cordon.

Those who had been detained spoke about the police officers exchanging joyful commentary on the force used and pushing people over of note was an officer who teased a person whom they pushed over into a waiting tram. The justification for the police violence…to keep businesses running. Capitalism protected over and above our rights…who do they protect, who do they serve?

Last week following a peaceful parade around Piccadilly train station, police responded by parading armed officers. 

These officers has tasers,  PAV spray (similar to pepper spray), a 9mm Glock self-loading pistol, it has a 17-round magazine and with each officer having 3 or 4 additional magazines. 

The reason for the show of force…to protect property. Who do they protect, who do they serve? 

On May 1st, the Greater Manchester Police responded to a peaceful protest by once again using a tactic of shouting “Move Away…Step Back” whilst walking towards people. No time given to comply with the request. 

Whilst shouting the police pushed and dragged, people in a indiscriminate manner, resulting in members of the public and protesters being corralled away from the tramlines. 

The police continued to violently attack people for being where they had been pushed to. 

Protesters were told by a senior police officer that they are viewed as ‘Organised Gangs’,

The reason for Greater Manchester Police actions…to keep business going…here we have it, police acting in defence of capitalist ventures. Who do they protect who do they serve? 

On Sunday the working class gathered at Old Trafford football ground. The police drew there metal batons, before striking  out at unarmed protesters, punching, and dragging protesters, using horses to charge into a groups in an an ready congested area.

Time after time, we saw the protectors of the establishment, rushing to condemn the working class for defending themselves against police violence. 

The Mayors office often at the helm condemning working class resistance to police violence. Whilst the same office sits on a report into alleged seismic failures of Greater Manchester Police, a force his office rushes to endorse with hesitation or question.  

Time after time Greater Manchester Police spin office set out, “we respect the right to peaceful protest” and where caught out the standard “we have referred the matter to our professional standards” means f##k all. 

No amount of spin can counter the actions of Greater Manchester Police violent actions…the videos, the images speak for themselves. 

A quick review and evaluation of Greater Manchester Police response to recent working class protest…A.C.A.B.   

Never Forget. Never Forgive.

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