Mez – Nottingham’s Grime Star Rising

With his distinctive accent, playful lyrics and funky beats, Nottingham’s “Mez” is bursting into the Grime scene with his new single “One Flow”, following the blistering “Tyrone EP” that dropped earlier this year.

Mez first came to my attention in 2013 through JDZmedia’s youtube channel. Where at only 16 years old he got a wheel up during his 2 minute freestyle. “I get a reload when i got that mic. Man must of thought he could come and fight Mez. Roundhouse, uppercut, Ongbak time”

Since then, Mez honed his craft with regular appearances on London radio stations and other youtube channels, simmering just under the radar of the main players in the scene.

In February, with his “Tyrone EP”. it seemed he was ready to boil over. Now, his latest single “One Flow” has confirmed my thoughts in 2013, Mez is special.

With a beat that wouldn’t sound out of place at Eskimo Dance in Grimes golden era, the 20 year old stays true to the sound that made him, a fast energetic style particularly popular in the Midlands. And as the name suggests, Mez rides one, extremely hypnotic flow throughout.

By the end of 2019 I expect to hear Mez mentioned amongst the big boys, proving yet again that Grime extends beyond the M25.


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