Nazi MMA fighter humiliated in just three minutes

Mikhail Turkanov, who has the swastika symbol tattooed on his upper right arm and chest and other far right symbology across his body, fought Alibeg Rasulov in a welterweight bout at Fight Nights Global (FNG) last Tuesday.

Absolutely shocking that with such blatant far-right iconography on his body can still be allowed to fight and appear on television and viewers were rightly appalled.

Turned out to be a poor, poor night for Mikhail as Alibeg Rasulov rained down a barrage of punches from the dominant crucifix position to record his 11th victory of his professional career.

It’s dishearteaning to see fascist tattoos so blatantly on show within the world of MMA but great to see him leave with his tail between his legs and a bloody face.

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