One rule for them? Another for us?

Calls for Dominic Cummings to be fired are becoming louder and more prominent since his last jolly to County Durham, the second trip for him to the area, a tidy 520 miles round trip under these lockdown measures.

With Boris, Hancock and the media jumping to his defence immediately it is becoming clearer and clearer that the lockdown and social distancing rules don’t apply to those in the upper class of our society.

In stark contrast to this, local community park gyms are being fenced off and taped off so that people cannot use them. One such example of this in South Manchester, where an outdoor gym has been fenced off by the council.

Speaking to someone who has been regularly using the gym he said “Everyone is social distancing, lads are bringing disinfectant to wipe down the equipment and wearing gloves at all times”.

Community activists have sent us images of the fences being taken down by locals who want to still use the equipment, it seems that once again the rich and the elite can get away with doing whatever they want, but we, the working class get punished again and again.

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