Prograis Win Stuns & Confuses Fans

On Saturday, American Super Lightweight star Regis Prograis took on Ukrainian Ivan Redkach in a fight that left fans confused and stunned.

Prograis, the star of the show, got off to a good start but wasn’t quite his usual flashy self, despite comfortably controlling the fight, there were no fireworks which came as a slight disappointment to fans who haven’t seen him in a competitive fight since his loss to Josh Taylor in 2019. 

In the 6th round, a combination including a glancing blow to the body, had Redkach rolling around the floor as if he had received a low blow, with the fight clearly slipping away from him, The Ukrainian decided to take his chances at a DQ win. The referee, rather than writing off the “low blow” as foul play on Redkachs part, decided to end the fight with a “technical decision” allowing the judges to score the match based on the previous rounds, with Regis winning unanimously. 

This isn’t the first time Redkach has played a dirty game in boxing, after he bit Danny Garcia during their fight and was looking not to have been disqualified for it. 

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