Remembering Oglach Alan Ryan

Oglach Alan Ryan was an Irish Revolutionary, he was a socialist who advanced the rights of the working class in his community. He witnessed the impact of drugs within his community, and the apparent impunity in which drug dealers operated.

Revolutionary Values, Direct Action.
A core value of any revolutionary must be a passion for the people,a willingness to take action, a willingness that if required to bear arms, to defend the values of the working class. Alan was quick to adopt the qualities of the revolutionary. He took the fight directly to the enemy, to the drug dealers, to the scum who lived in luxury, whilst their working class victims were homeless and starving.

Alan’s actions was supported by good comrades and brought success in reducing, and in some areas stopping the misery that drugs dealers brought to working class communities. His actions brought state harassment, house raids, and surveillance.

Counter Revolutionary Actions, informers.
As with any revolutionary cause, there are those who are weak, who are willing to betray, tout, inform, to advance their personal gain and ego. Alan Ryan was set up, by a handful of cowards. They brought Alan into a trap. The coward who pulled the trigger, did not face Alan, he shot him in the back.

As Alan fell, those who set him up ran, the gun man fired repeated shots into Alan, as he lay on the ground dying.

Those who have informed, those who are informing, your dirty deeds is the lowest form of betrayal.

(Below is a poem penned by and Irish Republican POW and close friend to Alan Ryan. The words are strong and rightly so.)

Friends, comrades and users, today will be my last and today will be my first. The last time I will be used and the first time I will see of who I was used. Do you recall the first time you used me, can you recall the last?

Well friends comrades I can recall them all. Your ego provoked my final fall, your betrayal led to it all. You are as guilty as he who made the fates call. You left my alone to fight them all. What did you do to prevent my final fall? Look at you now, you cower from them all.

Friends comrades did I not give you enough? I stood by you when times got tuff, I gave my life for you, never did I betray you, never did I cower and leave you all alone! Why did you do all those horrible things to me? I thought you said you was my friends and comrades.

No longer will you deceive us, no more your disguise we will meet. No more will you build your ego, as you cower now, alone broken and beat. From heaven I look down and those who show no fear, for it was they who stood by me year after year.

Die in vain I did not, for those friends and comrades who did not cower, will fight back with unstoppable might and power. Rest in peace Oglach Alan Ryan you are a true son of Ireland.

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