Review: Ty Segall – First Taste

California Garage rocker Ty Segall returns with his 13th studio album “First Taste” to showcase his ingenuity on this guitar-less “big beat” banger. 

The albums main driving force comes from the exceptional drumming. This time, doubling up drums played by himself and frequent collaborator Charles Moothart to give the album a big percussive feel, in the vain of Cali natives and long time friends (Thee) Oh Sees. This take is clear from the opening track “Taste” in which the dual drummers blast there way through a non-stop never ending noise crescendo, and much like “Fall” a drum solo is the only thing that gives some respite from the tension. “When I met my parents Pt.1 & 3” keep the rapid frantic beats alive as they barrel towards the finish line leaving listeners in awe.

It’s hard to think of another Garage Rock album that is completely absent of guitars, an impressive feat, even for someone so artistically and creatively accomplished as Ty. Rather than relying on this crutch, Segall pushes Saxophones, Ukuleles, Mandolines and bizarre synth drones to their absolute limits. Songs like “The Arms” and “I Sing Them” would traditionally have listeners expecting acoustic guitar, but both confirm you won’t miss them at all, as mandolins and superb pop songwriting force the listener to forget what a “rock ballad” is even supposed to sound like. 

For those who haven’t enjoyed Ty Segalls delve into Glam Rock, this album will hopefully offer some salvation, as the psychedelic wanderer has returned with a powerful, fuzzy, heavy record that should appease day one fans and the experimental/noise crowd. 

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