Sleaford Mods – Kebab Spider

Sleaford Mods set the tone for 2019 with new single and music video for “Kebab Spider” – the first release from their forthcoming album “Eton Alive”

The East Mids duo have been blasting out post-punk cuts and poetic rants since 2007. With no let up, they’ve flown the flag for working class discourse in popular music, in a time when the arts have seemingly lost their edge.

With its thumping, rigid percussion and chopped bass samples, Andrew Fearn gives the perfect platform for front man Jason Williamson to open fire, with his Mike Skinner-cum-Cooper Clarke style. Taking aim at the out of touch TV and music industry.

“Who knew they let the experts in” solidifies the Sleaford Mods as our best musical representatives, as they indulge the great prole pastime of sarcasm, in the chanted chorus. Eton Alive is set to be released in February and judging by the albums name and the leading single, it will continue to rage against austerity, poverty and inequality.


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