Solidarity with Patxi Ruiz from Manchester

Yesterday local antifascists, 161 Crew MCR and Irish Republicans from the area gathered in solidarity with Basque hunger and thirst striker Patxi Ruiz.

Political prisoner Patxi Ruiz has been on hunger and thirst strike from the 11th of May and the situation is deteriorating daily, not only with Patxi’s health but with more people joining the protest both inside and outside the prisons.

On the 12th of May political prisoners Dani Pastor, Oskar Barreras and Aitor Cotano began to refuse food, two more prisoners Jon Kepa Preciado and Mikel San Sebastian joined the protest that weekend. On the 18th of May Oier Andueza and Mikel Izpurua joined the protest.

International pressure needs brought to bare on Spain and we will not sit idly by and do nothing.

These are his demands:

1: Humane treatment from the Spanish State and Prison authorities;

2: Repatriation of all Basque prisoners to the Basque Country and

3: A total amnesty and consequent freedom for all Basque political prisoners.

Euskal Presoak Etxera! Amnistia Osoa!


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