The Oppressed Interview

Firstly, welcome back! And I think the question on everyones lips is why? Why now?

Well I retired in 2016 when I was diagnosed with COPD (Fucked Lungs). Then a few months ago when DJin’ a gig in Paris I was dragged on stage to sing Ultra Violence with The Prowlers and realised how much I missed it. So I get back to Cardiff and go in the studio to see if I can still get through a whole set and found it quite easy and set about putting a new line up together.

Can you tell us some more about the lineup as it is now?

It’s still me on guitar and vocals with Ducky on guitar. Ducky is the founder of The Oppressed and he hasn’t played since 1984 so it’s great to have him back after 36 years. The 2 new lads are Che’ on drums and Ross on bass. They both play for the Evil Turkeys, a sweaty ska punk rock & rolling binge drinkers from South Wales. Check em out – https://www.facebook.com/evilturkeys/

You’ve got shows planned all over the world now, do you have any more to be announced?

So far these are lined up:

Sat’ March 14, United We Stand Festival Paris France.

Fri’ April 3, Cardiff Wales.

Fri’ April 24, Montreal Canada.

Sat’ May 2, 0161 Fest’ Manchester England

Sat’ May 9, Zikenstock Fest’ France.

Sat’ May 16, Madrid Spain.

Sat’ May 30, Copenhagen Denmark.

Sat’ July 11, Barcalona Spain.

Sat’ July 25, Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany.

Sat’ Aug’ 22, Vienna Austria.

Sat’ Sep’ 19, Bologna, Italy.

Sat’ Sep’ 26, Straight Ahead Fest’ Freiburg Germany.

Sat’ Oct’ 3, Paris France.

Sat’ Oct’ 17, Bratislava Slovakia.

Sat’ Oct’ 31. 0161 Benefit Glasgow Scotland

Sat’ Nov’ 28, Prague Czech Republic.

Will you be recording any new tracks coming up?

The plan right now is to play the 80s songs live but who knows?

You’ll be playing with The Press in Manchester, great to see two of the original SHARP bands playing together, you guys go back a long way right?

It was way back in 1988 when I visited New York and met the band. Saw them rehearsing and was blown away. The singer Andre (R.I.P.) showed me some SHARP flyers and explained what it was all about. A great band and really excited about sharing a stage with them.

We’re thrilled to have you back at 0161 Festival for a third time now in an important show of strength in the fight against fascism. Do you feel the right is on the rise again and what should we be doing?

It’s great for us to be back especially as the right wing are on the rise again, thanks to Brexshit. Sadly it’s a worldwide rise and we on the left must continue to fight against the hate. I think we should smash the cunts off the street whenever they raise their ugly heads.

Any last words?


Saturday day tickets – https://0161festival.com/product/0161-festival-saturday/

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