The Ruts – Love in Vain Book Review

My love for this band is no secret, so when the autobiography was released I was more than excited. A hardback copy not cheap at £20 but in hindsight well worth it.

It starts way back in early 70s describing how the group came together via the hippy and bohemian squat scene around London and Wales, a drug fuelled lifestyle and hedonistic existence sadly culminating in Malcome Owens sad death due to a heroin overdose in 1980! But the story till then is fascinating and interesting and funny as fuck!

They were a massive part of RAR (Rock against Racism) from 77 onwards making links with reggae band Misty in Roots which they gigged and hung out with and fought alongside against the then threat of the National Front!

It’s a story of a band that could have been massive but due to Malcomes early death never came to fruition. The 3 remaining band members carried on as Ruts DC even after the death of the guitarist and founder member Foxy passed away due to cancer, another tragic loss. The Band have released many Dub LPs with different collaborations till this day Ruts dc are a force to be reckoned with a great live act that i’d love to see play 0161 (dream dream dream).

This book is an interesting vital read to all music fans a history of punk rock and anti nazi gigs of the late 70s please check it out.

Cheers, Husker Durruti

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