Victims – “The Horse and Sparrow Theory” Review

D-beat has been done to death as much as i love it im the first to admit it! But this LP is something special, a cornucopia of layers with lyrics politically charged its a soul wrenching vocals.

It blisters through heavy pounding tracks suck as The Birth of tragedy,Fires Below and for me its pinnacle is We Fail a heart felt cry about climate change and its militarisation.

This is no longer a copy of Discharge rip off but something that builds and this LP is a classic example of that! Scandinavian bands have taken D-beat to a new level with bands such as Disfear and Victims, long may it continue.

Victims are Stockholms finest and The Horse and Sparrow has been released on the Relapse label check it out!

You can check the official video for The Horse and Sparrow Theory here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye5E1pvQAXc

And get the album here – https://victims.bandcamp.com/

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