Violent protests continue in the North of Ireland

Loyalists in the North of Ireland are planning to continue their violent protests into the weekend. With the Easter holidays coming to an end, some of the worst rioting may still lay a head prior to kids and teenagers going back to school. 

In publicly shared “call to arms” loyalists have been encouraging young people including the youth wings of loyalists paramilitaries to take part in orchestrated riots. 

The calls to arms follows two weeks of rioting that has scattered across the North in predominately loyalist strongholds and along interfaces. 

Below we see a list of the scheduled protests due to take place from Thursday right through this weekend. 

Local businesses within the working class areas are having to shut early to “allow people to evacuate” the area prior to planned protests, one community group posted on Facebook. 

In doing so the criminal drug gangs orchestrating the violence are holding their community to ransom by posing a threat to all public services working in the area which other local councils could follow suit in supporting if disruption is caused in their areas leaving the vulnerable without the care and provisions that they need.  

With the lack of care from the police along interfaces, local community groups have been out from last night attempting to stop children getting involved in sectarian fighting despite being attack from loyalists close to the interface. 

If the violent sectarian attacks continue on the Nationalist communities, then they will defend themselves however they feel fit, by any means necessary. 

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