Zazamunda Interview

For those that won’t know much about you tell us a bit about you as an artist and what you’ve got going on at the moment?

My sound is very versatile. I’m a Singer, Rapper and songwriter all on an equally balanced scale. The music I do ranges from hip hop rap, Afro beats, reggae and R n B. I’m currently working on myself as an artist to become a hundred percent self established, before officially releasing any Music. For example, cultivating my sound and ensconcing my image.

What shows have you been playing recently, if people wanted to catch you in the next months before the festival where should they be going? / is there anything special that’s been happening over last months or big news we should be waiting for?

At the moment I’m a participant on the show Rap Battle Royale on Clout about Unity radio radio hosted by Marlon Cam. Season starts 21st of March 2020, catch me there on the 18th of April. So tune in!!
And stay posted on my instagram @iamzazamunda for music release updates, dates and future performances this year.

You were on Limbo Radio and played at Festival of Manchester in the past, any other recordings that people should be checking out?

Yes, Check out my previous live performances at the Zombie Shack, Cinnamon Club, Uk Fast, Unity Radio & with JD sports via YouTube, Social media or website.

One of your posts on Instagram recently reached over 10,000 likes, talking about black history month, can you tell us more about that and how important it is that people educate themselves about whats happened?

The purpose of my post was to make people aware of the severity of slavery and how as a result of slavery people of colour and all people are still impacted at this current time. As well as to teach people the true meaning of the N-word, it’s inhumanity and the poison it carries, as in our society this word is thrown around by many but only a few are aware of its true/deeper meaning. No educational system in the Uk or world wide teaches us true black history instead we’re put into schools that put us into lesson titled “ black history” where we are taught about slavery not even a its full extent, when in fact Slavery isn’t black history. History is what we created. Slavery is black history interruption. Our history is the phenomenal people we were defined as before slavery and phenomenal things we created in history that has impacted and still impacts the world today.

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